Five Everyday Money Saving Tips

Anonymous (not verified) Mon, 11/09/2015 - 08:29

Saving money is not a bad idea. Even, it is the good way to control your expenses. In this world there are different kind of people with different thinking so they usually don’t focus on saving but yes, in this world saving is difficult but not impossible. People think they can’t save but when you are loyal with yourself than it can be possible.

Some people do shopping according to future needs that’s why they extend their budget but somehow it is good too but most of the time they are just satisfying their own self and they usually use the credit card which it wrong because they buy now but pay later. This thing increase their debt by adding high interest rates and at the end of the shopping they realize that they spend more and they are under the debt of creditor. Experience of anything is good to tell other. So, there are some of the tips of saving money which are given bellow.

Avoid too much use of credit card
When you leave home for shopping with enough money for buying anything then you will automatically buy according to your budget or the money you have in your pocket because when your money finish then you are unable to buy anything so that piece of plastic increase your spending than the real money so try to avoid the credit card carrying with you everywhere.

Make a list of shopping
Whenever you go out for shopping make a proper list and divide the things into categorize, that will be easy for you to remember and it when you were making list this will also tell you the spending budget so from this you can also remove the not important things from the list. One thing more while making the list, try to put the things in order according to your route inside the store this will help in saving your time.

Use discount offers
Whenever you go for the shopping then do focus on the discount offer or buy one get one free offers and those which are cheap or less price. So, if you but all the thing which are in your list and ignore these offers then maybe spending are more when you end up with your shopping.

Even you can use the credit card or store card because using this you can get some of the points from which you can buy more things sometime, many credit cards have offers and discount on swiping credit card. So from this you can save your money and use these points some other time when you were out of cash.

Don’t waste money
When you get income it is not the mean that you spend in one day because life is not that much short. We even don’t know when we need money for any uncertainty. Try to promise with your own self that you spend according to your income and also save for the retirement because if you waste your money then you have nothing at the end.

Use different saving strategy
Divide your expenses and label the money boxes like; house bills, credit card bills, water bill and etc. so, what you save everyday put inside in these money boxes. When you got you income then it will be easy for you to give all the bills and save more money which you can utilize somewhere else.

You can even save your money by opening a saving account which have a high profit rate and set a percentage from your income which will automatically goes to that account so from this you can save more money. Or, if you have extra time after the job then you can also do any part time job which will help you in earning more and the money which you earn you can use it for saving, or if you are good in writing then you can write articles or essays and you can earn money from internet without going anywhere.